School authorities in Pittsburg, California, recognized on Thursday that an understudy wore a Ku Klux Klan ensemble to school on Wednesday.

San Francisco news station KRON-TV announced a message about the occurrence that was sent from Pittsburg High School head Todd Whitmire to understudies, guardians, school staff and individuals from the local area. KRON likewise said that a photograph of the understudy wearing the outfit to school was shared via online media.

The understudy apparently wore the KKK clothing for four class times of school.

In his message, Whitmire said the ensemble was detracted from the understudy and school authorities met with the understudy and his family on Thursday morning.

Authorities showed that the understudy let them know he wore the outfit as a “dare” and endured the initial four times of the school day before he was gotten. Whitmire said the kid was probable ready to wear the outfit so long without being recognized by staff since he might not have worn it during class.

Whitmire gave the followed proclamation about the occurrence, where he noticed a photograph shared via web-based media of the understudy had “steamed and concerned” individuals from the local area.

“The understudy has been appointed ramifications for his activities, and he will likewise take an interest in our helpful equity interaction to figure out how his activities have affected and hurt others,” Whitmire composed. “He will likewise work with our therapeutic equity representatives, guardians, and staff to start fixing the mischief he has caused.”

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The chief proceeded, “As a school local area, we are extremely baffled and worried about the activities of this understudy. We are focused on tending to what has happened and working with this understudy to assist him with perceiving the mischief his activities have caused and, similarly as significantly, the obligation he has, alongside our school, to assist with fixing them.”

In a Pittsburg Facebook bunch, an individual posted a photograph of the review and expressed: “WHO DO THESE KIDS BELONG TO???? This occurred at Pittsburg High yesterday.”

One individual answered, “I disdain that my child was presented to that at her school.” Later, she posted again in the remark string by adding that “[I]f it was a challenge then those children who tried him ought to likewise be condemned.”