Stray cat life in robot lost city

This game is an adventure and survival game. In-game no humans exist. This game is a single-player video game. Stray is a 2022adventure video game developed by BlueTwelve studio and published by Annapurna Interactive. The story tracks a stray cat who falls into a walled city populated by robots, machines, and mutant bacteria and sets out to return to the surface with the help of a drone partner called B-12.

Lost alone and separated from family, a stray cat needs to untangle an ancient mystery to escape a long-forgotten cyber city and find its way home.

Stray is a third-person adventure game. The user controls a stray cat, who traverses by leaping across platforms and climbing up obstacles, and they can open new paths by interacting with the environment, such as climbing in buckets overturning paint cans and operating a vending machine.

Role of B-12 in Stray

Stray cat life in robot lost city

Throughout the game, the cat will eventually meets a drone named B-12 and befriends him. The drone states that he is looking for a scientist he used to work with. B-12 is carried from the cat’s back and will serve as the cat’s partner.

This robot, B-12 serves as a guide and robot language translator for the cat, and together they are able to navigate the city and unveil its mysteries.

Is stray a horror game?

Stray may be a cute adventure puzzle game with a cute feline protagonist, but some surprisingly scary moments still occur within the game.

Stray is not a horror game-Most of the time, but the game feels like Nier: Automata in terms of the look and feel sans the smalls. Stray is set in a cyberpunkish future without humans, populous by robots, cats, and shocking creatures called Zurk that look and act like overgrown ticks.

Zurk’s in Stray
Stray cat life in robot lost city

The Zurks are recurring antagonists in the 2022 cyberpunk game stray. They were originally trash-eating bacteria before they are mutant into zurks and besides the cat, are the only living creatures in walled city 99.

How to Get Past Zurks without killing them

  1. Make sure to save going in a zig-zag to keep the zurks off of your path.
  2. Keep your hand off of the light gun button.
  3. If the Zurks jump on you, go in circles to have them drop off.
  4. You can earn the trophy even if you die and restart at a checkpoint.

No Human in Stray Why?

Although it is clear that the plague was a terrible disaster that negatively impacted humans, it is not yet confirmed that humans were completely spread out. Though Zurks is a problem, they are crushed by light, which resources that living creatures that dwell in The Outside are safe, at least during the day.

Prepares Stray have a happy ending?

For the robots and any other beings still living in the city, however, the death of so many Zurks will allow them to quick their lives with a lot less fear. It’s a big development to the robots’ post-apocalyptic excellence of life, creating the Stray ending a happy one for sure (unless you’re a Zurk).