The former White House adviser Steve Bannon has proclaimed a brand fresh “alternative” cryptocurrency–$FJB coin–he has been working on during a Thursday edition of his podcast. He claimed it will benefit supporters of the former president Donald Trump “F Joe Biden” and “fight for America.”

Bannon who was the chief executive officer of Trump’s presidential campaign in 2016 and also his chief White House strategist, was officially pardoned by the former president just prior to Trump quit Trump’s White House in January. The political strategist of the far right was facing accusations of fraud in connection with his crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to fund Trump’s much-hyped border wall that is located at the U.S. border with Mexico.

Since his pardon, Bannon has regularly promoted the idea about the election being “stolen” from Trump and “rigged” in favor of President Joe Biden. He frequently hosts pro-Trump guests for the The War Room show, touting a range of right-wing issues or issues.

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On Thursday’s episode, Bannon spoke with right-wing political strategist Boris Eppshteyn on his $FJB Coin venture. They said that the new cryptocurrency could help those who belong with MAGA “Make America Great Again” (or MAGA) movement “fight” for Trump and their country.

“We are now saying, ‘screw Joe Biden,'” Bannon informed the audience. “We’ve got a coin–it’s got, the imprint is that, OK. It shows your total and complete independence, right? Our non-reliance–and you’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system. So no longer can they bother you,” Bannon said.

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“They’re not going to be able to disappear you like the Chinese Communist Party, like the Bolsheviks, like the Nazis, like anybody–like any of these radicals that have ever taken control of these apparatuses. What they try to do is get rid of the good people,” Bannon declared. There isn’t any evidence of any strategy from either the Federal government nor Democrats in order to “disappear” Trump supporters.

“Yeah, F Joe Biden and F the media and all of them–could care less,” Bannon stated and urged listeners to explore the latest cryptocurrency.