Stefanos Tsitsipas stated that he would only receive the Covid-19 vaccination if it was mandatory for him to play in tennis.

The men’s ATP Tour has encouraged players to get vaccinated. However, the Greek 23-year old is still hesitant.
“No one has ever told me anything. When asked by reporters if he would pursue a vaccine while competing in America, he replied that no one had made it mandatory to get vaccinated.
“At some time I will have to,” said Tsitsipas. He received a first round bye at the Masters 1000 tournament in Cincinnati.
He reached the French Open final, but was shocked to lose in the first round at Wimbledon. He told reporters that he found it difficult to live in the Covid-19 bubble and still compete.
Tennis is divided on the Covid-19 vaccine.
Novak Djokovic, the world’s No.1 tennis player, stated in April that he hoped that players would not have to be vaccinated with Covid-19. He has refused to answer any questions about his vaccination status.