Staring as So Ji-sub in Dr Lawyer, a Korean drama

The South Korean actor who is most well-known Ji-sub small screen will be re-introduced. Ji-sub will be the star of this movie.TheLatestKorean drama title: Dr. Lawyer.

After four years off, Dr. Lawyer will be So Ji’sub’s latest series. So Ji-sub is a South Korean actor who is considered one of the most valuable. He last appeared in My Secret Terrius, a Korean drama.

Dr Lawyer will feature So Ji-sub as the main character. Han Yi-han will be his character, a brilliant surgeon who specializes in general and thoracic surgeries.

Bansuk University Hospital is home to Han Yi-han, a very well-known doctor. Han Yi-han’s career changed when he had to undergo a sham operation. He also decided to become a lawyer for medical malpractice.

Han Yi-han also attempts to discover the truth about the fake surgery which changed his career.

It is not yet known if any other actors or actresses will join So Ji-sub in this drama.

This quote was taken from Osen via N. Lee Yongsuk, who worked on Iljimae, The Village Achiara Secret and Haechi will direct Dr. Lawyer. Jang Hong-Chul, who is well-known for his work on Mr. Temporary.

Dr. Lawyer will air 16 episodes according to the plan. MBC will broadcast the drama in the first half of 2022.

One of South Korea’s most famous actors is So Ji-sub. So Ji-sub is a 43-year-old actor who has been involved in South Korean entertainment since 1977. Many dramas have made him famous, including Oh My Venus, The Master’s Sun, and Memories of Bali.

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