Stacey Solomon Shows Off Matching Wedding Dress With Baby Daughter After We Ask

After we shared Stacey Solomon’s DIY wedding, we couldn’t help but notice her cute little daughter Rose’s adorable shoes. It’s no wonder Stacey is excited to share the photos from her wedding! After all, she spent so many hours on the wedding, including making a matching dress and shoes for her daughter! We can’t wait to see the pictures!

Stacey Solomon’s DIY wedding

A new mother-to-be has just tied the knot with her longtime partner Joe Swash. Stacey Solomon and her husband opted for a simple ceremony, and Stacey wore a long, voluminous white wedding dress with off-shoulder sleeves and a corset bodice. Her daughter Rose will wear a matching dress when the time comes to walk down the aisle.

The happy couple decided to make their wedding a social occasion and chose a venue for the celebration that was beautiful and peaceful. Stacey’s family-owned Pickle Cottage, where the couple exchanged their vows. Guests were asked to leave their cell phones at the door. They invited guests to enjoy a traditional Jewish wedding, which Stacey’s family members attended. Joe and Stacey are also the proud parents of two sons, one from a previous relationship and another from a previous marriage.

Her DIY shoes for daughter Rose

In the weeks leading up to her wedding to Joe Swash, Stacey Solomon has been sharing glimpses of the day. The mother-of-one revealed that her daughter Rose will wear a dress made from her wedding gown scraps. She also shared a picture of her DIY shoes for her daughter. The bride-to-be is known for her DIY projects and even has a matching bow on her shoes!

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Stacey Solomon Shows Off Matching Wedding Dress With Baby Daughter After We Ask

Her DIY wedding dress

It looks like Stacey Solomon is about to tie the knot with her longtime boyfriend Joe Swash! The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve, but changed their plans when Stacey became pregnant with their second child. Their daughter, Baby Rose, was born in October 2021, a few months after Stacey turned 32. The couple already has one son, Harry, from her previous relationship with Joe.

The newlyweds have been keeping their fans updated with the newest details of their wedding. Stacey’s wedding dress is a white off-cut and she paired it with the same beaded shirt. They also shared the same sweet-looking white stain top with their adorable daughter, as well. They’re both so excited to have a beautiful wedding day and their baby daughter is bound to be their little princess!

Her DIY decorations for her wedding

Inspire your guests with Stacey Solomon’s DIY wedding decor. From flowers to lanterns, this bride gave an old Christmas lantern a makeover. Stacey posted clips of her DIY transformation on Instagram and explained she was preparing the front door for her wedding. She even included feijoa plants for extra effect. And, of course, there is no shortage of fairy lights and candles!

The bride and groom’s wedding decorations are DIY. Stacey purchased push pops on Amazon for 50p each and filled them with petals from Luxury Petals. The couple wanted an up-to-date wedding, so they opted for a home wedding instead of a traditional venue. Her DIY decor included a sparkler bucket for her guests. Stacey also showed off her sparkler bucket to fans on Instagram.

Donating everything else

Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash recently tied the knot in a lavish Jewish ceremony at Pickle Cottage. She showed off a matching wedding dress with her baby daughter after we asked her to share the details of her big day. The couple also asked their fans to leave their mobile phones at the door and shared a video of their wedding day. “I couldn’t wait to see the photos of my wedding day!” Stacey, who has 5.3 million Instagram followers, posted a video of herself and Joe cleaning their reception venue and donating some items.
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The couple’s wedding day was a special day for Stacey and her family, who shared three sons between them. Besides Baby Rose, Stacey Solomon also has a son from a previous relationship, Rex. While she’s excited for her wedding day, she’s also a mother to two other kids. In the video, Stacey shows off her wedding dress and baby daughter after we revealed the baby’s arrival!