Spanish judge recommends Shakira face tax fraud trial

Spanish judge who is investigating tax fraud allegations against Shakira, a Colombian singer, recommended Thursday that the case be tried. He concluded that there was evidence that Shakira could have evaded her fiscal obligations to Spain.

Spanish judge recommends Shakira face tax fraud trial

Judge Marco Juberias stated that after a three-year investigation, he found sufficient evidence to support criminality for the case to be tried by a judge.

You can appeal the decision.

In December 2019, the singer was charged by authorities with failing to pay 14.5 million euros ($16.4million) in taxes in Spain between 2012-2014, when she resided mostly in Spain despite having a Panamanian official residence.

Shakira, 44 years old, said that she had never committed any wrongdoing and testified in June 2019. Her public relations firm stated that she immediately paid the amount she owed after she was informed by the Tax Office.

If Shakira is found guilty of tax evasion, she could face a fine or even jail time. A judge can suspend prison time for first-time criminals if they serve less than two years in jail.

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