Sony Announces Metaverse Push in Latest Annual Corporate Strategy Meeting

If you have never heard of the Metaverse, you should know that it is a virtual reality space where music, movies, and games meet. Sony is a leading company in virtual reality technology and has made significant investments in the company and Bungee, maker of the Destiny series. This investment is part of Sony’s current strategy to expand into the virtual world. Last year, Sony reported that it generated about 50% of its revenue from the entertainment segment, which includes gaming, films, and music related services. The Playstation brand will also be leveraged in the company’s plans for the metaverse. With one of the biggest install userbases in the world, the Playstation could be a vital instrument for Sony to expand their virtual world.

Metaverse is a space where music, games and movies intersect

The basic idea behind Sony’s Metaverse push is to unite entertainment, games, live events, music, movies and other content in one virtual space. Imagine being able to watch live concerts and sporting events on your Sony television or in your VR headset. If you’re a Sony fan, you could easily watch them in digital environments where your avatar could be anything you want it to be. There are many aspects of this new project that could be useful to fans.

It’s a real-time network

Sony has embraced the metaverse with a metaverse push, a move that could be a good fit for its diverse portfolio of businesses. The Playstation series, which has the largest install base worldwide, could help the company tap into the growing metaverse market. By leveraging its diverse business, expertise in gaming technology, and its unique position in the entertainment industry, Sony plans to create new experiences for the metaverse.

It’s a social space

Known as “metaverse” for short, this is a world where gaming and social interactions overlap. This is a buzzword for major companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google, but there is a broad range of definitions. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, recently created a “hellscape” in which people can work and socialise in a single space. Sony’s concept is less dystopian.

It’s a virtual reality headset

As the first commercial VR headset, Sony’s Metaverse Push has much to live up to. The company’s new headset has been dubbed “Project Aria” by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Though no official details are available, the company says the headset will feature new sensors for facial expressions, improved optics, and an ergonomic design. In addition, it will likely sell for a premium price, unlike the Quest 2 headset from Oculus. The headset is set to be available sometime in 2022.

It’s part of Sony’s entertainment plan

With its PlayStation 5 console, Sony has made a big move to become a more metaverse-ready entertainment company. With investments in Bungie and Epic Games, the company has begun taking the next step towards integrating the metaverse with its other brands. Metaverses are live networks where games and social networking come together. This expansion could help Sony stay ahead of competitors. Here’s what Sony’s next steps will be.

It could be delayed until 2023

The global electronics giant Sony has introduced VR2 headsets for its PlayStation 5 consoles. Though it was rumored that the headsets would be released this year, this could now be delayed until 2023. The delay is likely to be due to supply chain issues. Sony has invested in Bungie and Epic, two companies that specialize in metaverse gaming. The delay could mean that the PS5 will not be ready to play the new virtual reality games for quite some time.