Someone Built A Gaming PC Into A Working Toilet

A YouTuber named Basically Homeless recently created a video detailing how he hacked a toilet into a gaming PC. While this kind of custom gaming PC can take on all sorts of shapes and sizes, it’s amazing to see what can be achieved with a simple toilet. Read on to learn more about the steps required to build a toilet into a PC. Also, check out his full YouTube video to see the hilarious transformation!

YouTuber Basically Homeless

A full-functioning gaming PC can be installed into a toilet tank. YouTuber Basically Homeless did just that, fitting the toilet tank with a motherboard tray, water wall, and airflow. He even built a water wall between the computer and the toilet plumbing so that the PC can flush. The new toilet has a RTX 3060 GPU for extra horsepower.

The entire process was documented by YouTuber Basically Homeless. The guy wanted to play a 120 Hz FPS shooter on the toilet. He built the computer with water-cooled components, which would have been ideal if the toilet were actually water-cooled. However, the computer was otherwise completely normal and worked perfectly. While the water-cooled components might not be the most appropriate solution, it is still an impressive way to turn a gaming PC into a working toilet.

Custom gaming PCs come in all shapes and sizes

The components of a custom gaming PC vary according to how you use it. You’ll want to choose a motherboard that has at least 16GB of RAM, although some pre-built systems may have 8GB of RAM or even less. You’ll want to avoid anything less than 16GB, because it will slow down your PC and lead to performance problems when playing newer games. You’ll also want a minimum of 32GB, as this will help it run multiple applications without crashing.

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Before you start choosing your components, set a budget. Then, determine the components that you need and make a list of them. It’s a good idea to buy a pre-built gaming PC if you’re new to PC gaming. Prebuilt PCs are more affordable and can be assembled quickly without all of the headaches of customizing your own PC. Prebuilt gaming PCs are also typically more reliable and are specifically designed for gaming. The hardware is usually of good quality.

Building a gaming PC out of a working toilet

A YouTuber named Basically Homeless built a fully-functional gaming PC in a real toilet. The toilet tank was adapted with a motherboard tray and airflow to make it ideal for gaming. A squat hole on the front side of the PC lets you see the toilet. This clever hack is not for the faint of heart, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run.

The first step in building a gaming PC out of a working rest room is to determine what the best components for a PC are. The components that Basically Homeless used are those that are most efficient for gaming. Some of them have watercooling capabilities. While this is not the best option for the toilet itself, water cooling components will help keep the entire thing cool. The main benefit of building a PC out of a toilet is that you can use the toilet as a gaming console.

How a working toilet works

A man cut a giant hole into the porcelain tank of a working toilet and fitted a motherboard tray, water wall, and airflow to a working gaming PC. He then plugged the components into an exhaust fan tucked into the lid. It was a fascinating and incredibly practical project, but it requires some basic plumbing and some serious cutting of porcelain. The end result is an incredibly cool toilet that is sure to turn heads.

For the construction of this gaming toilet, a YouTuber had to master basic plumbing and porcelain cutting. The result is an oddly impressive sight, and the YouTuber can now play Counter-Strike and other games right inside the bathroom! Not only does this setup look cool, but it can also save the homeless person a lot of money on bathroom supplies. In addition to being a conversation piece, the toilet will help him learn how to fix things himself.