Snow and Ice to Return to the South This Week

The latest American weather model suggests snow will return to the South this week. However, messaging the timing and impact of the storm will be difficult. Mother Nature is known for throwing curveballs. Earlier this month, we were all surprised by a volcanic eruption in Iceland. This time, the weather service is expecting a second round of snow and icy conditions across the South. While the storm system moves away from the coast, it will remain a threat for some areas.

The upcoming snow and ice in the South is expected to return next week. In Georgia, a low-pressure system will form along a cold front. This system will filter moisture from the Atlantic and allow winter precipitation to form in some areas. This includes Charleston, South Carolina, and the Tennessee Valley region of Alabama. The National Weather Service predicts that the region will receive at least a quarter-inch of snow and a half-inch of ice on power lines and trees. The low temperatures will make driving difficult, and the precipitation will probably freeze.

Snow and Ice to Return to the South This Week

A low-pressure system is expected to form just off the Georgia coast and filter moist air from the Atlantic. The resulting storm system will allow a period of winter precipitation to form in some areas. In Charleston, South Carolina, for example, snow and ice are expected. The National Weather Service said on Monday that wintry precipitation was possible in the forecast area. While there are a few exceptions to this rule, the chances of widespread snow and ice are still high.

After a warm and dry fall, a cold front will begin to move north. The storm system will bring heavy snow to coastal Georgia and upstate New York. The system will also affect areas of the Eastern Seaboard, Canada, and the Lower Great Lakes. While New York City received mostly rain and high winds, the hardest-hit regions of the South were not prepared for the storm. Many still lack power, hundreds of flights were canceled, and at least two people were killed in accidents on icy roads in Raleigh, N.C.

Snow and Ice to Return to the South This Week

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Those areas of the South will see another round of winter weather this week. This is due to the polar vortex, which will bring a cold shot from Canada. It will also bring cold temperatures to the southern U.S. during the rest of the month. The polar vortex will stay over the eastern United States well into early March, so the temperatures may not start warming up until the middle of the month.

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