Small businesses can become Amazon sellers to leverage both Internet and retail sales

While the pandemic was bad for so many businesses in so many ways. There was a silver lining in the event that you was a small business selling on Amazon, where case, 2020 was probably a boom year for you.

By the beginning of the pandemic through mid-January 2021, Amazon reports independent third party sellers — almost all small and medium-sized businesses — improved their Amazon sales by more than 55% , and at that same time, the number of SMBs that exceeded $1 million in Amazon sales grew by more than 30%.

Given that, when I was given the opportunity to speak with Keri Cusick, the Head of Small Business for Amazon, I welcomed the chance. What I needed to know is how these successful sellers take action and the rest of us may learn from them.

From my standpoint, there are numerous possible advantages for the small business by selling on Amazon. They are:

Instant credibility.
Amazon’s commitment to their small businesses partners.
One of the actual challenges any small company has when entering e-commerce is getting visitors to locate their shop online, and then, once they do, to be taken seriously.

Obviously, Amazon is one of the most recognized brands and most-visited sites in the world, standing No. 11 internationally . That traffic is the opportunity.

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The fantastic thing is that there are a lot of tools readily available on Amazon to help you do that work and succeed because of this. Cusick noted a few specifically:

► Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can make your online business life considerably easier. Among the hardest parts of e-commerce for the small business is not the selling, but also the fulfillment of the order — packing, labeling, transport, customer service and so forth. FBA is a service that takes that from your plate by allowing Amazon to manage that portion of your business for you.

► Peer education: Cusick says that the top Amazon sellers”lean into self-learning.” A large portion of this above $18 billion invested by Amazon was to get a slew of learning tools for their SMB sellers.

As an instance, on there is a”Seller University” as well a lot of marketing help, peer assistance, and much more. She suggested the newcomer may want to check out Amazon’s Small Business Academy. And that’s just for starters.

One of the numerous changes that occurred during COVID-19 is the growth in online shopping generally, and on Amazon particularly. This is one of those things that isn’t going away and that is good because there’s still time to jump on the Amazon bandwagon.

It’s only going to get bigger.