Singapore’s travel industry board said on Wednesday a voyage transport worked by Genting Cruise Lines on a purported journey to no place had gotten back to the city-state following a 40-year-old traveler was suspected to have contracted COVID-19.

“The traveler was recognized as a nearby contact of an affirmed case ashore, and was promptly disconnected as a feature of installed wellbeing conventions,” the travel industry board said in a proclamation.

It said the traveler tried positive to a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test installed and had been passed on to emergency clinic for additional corroborative testing.

The traveler’s three voyaging associates were recognized and secluded, the travel industry board said. They have tried negative for COVID-19 and further contact following was being finished.

All ready recreation exercises on Dream Cruises’ World Dream transport had stopped and travelers had been approached to remain in their lodges until test results are out and contact following was finished, the travel industry board said.

Genting didn’t promptly react to demands for input.

The boat left Singapore on Sunday for a four-day voyage, as per a media report.

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The worldwide journey industry has endured a significant shot from the Covid pandemic, with the absolute most punctual enormous flare-ups found on voyage ships.

Singapore, which has seen moderately barely any homegrown COVID-19 cases, dispatched “trips there and back” on extravagance liners in November, which have no port of call and last a couple of days.

Such travels have gotten well known during the pandemic and are limited to Singapore inhabitants.