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The nearer we glance around us, the more we might notice; however, totally different industries and sectors are on a continuing rise due to the new technological approaches in business. However, most significantly because of the numerous new rising abilities that have tried to travel on the far side of boundaries and build their distinctive niche.

Today, virtually in each field, the younger brigade is progressively taking their niches to the ensuing level by looking forward to their individuality and their absolute resolve to evoke a positive amendment in their respective industry.

From hot course to million-dollar brand, Sharrod “Skip DMV” has redefined the art of the facet hustle. Technology has been an enormous enabler of entrepreneurship over several trade sectors; one of the foremost advanced to feel its troubled influence is the music industry. Wherever antecedently Associate in Nursing, a creative person would have to be compelled to realize a record label to realize access to the mark.

Life background:

Sharrod was born in 1990 in Washington, DC, and grew up within the DMV area. He recollects, however, that at the age of 7, he detailed his inclination towards music and since then has worked towards perpetually his skills in writing and singing in ways that will offer a lot of hope to others.

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Starting of music career:

Skip DMV started music by looking at his older brother marquise record in the studio when he was thirteen. It grabbed his attention and Sharrod “Skip DMV”, a seafarer, started doing talent shows and fashioned a bunch referred to as DaFam which consists of all his brothers. Going by his stage name, “Skip DMV,” he has collaborated with alternative rap artists. Skip has been heard on tracks like “Champions,” “I Ain’t Play in,” “What It Do,” and “Weekend” with KT Firehouse, Yungworld Juan, and other proficient hip-hop artists.

Starting a business:

Sharrod crated a clothing brand, “Imagez”  a urbanwear line with everything anyone may need within the streetwear market, to comprehend his ambition to make an attire empire. Skip DMV’s company prides itself on having everything from basic t-shirts to varsity jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, bike shorts, crop tops, joggers, caps, and even shoes. Your Imagez is currently simply a street wear brand. Through its one-of-a-kind clothing items, the garment business additionally supports charities. A number of the company’s t-shirts are supposed to boost community awareness concerning breast cancer.

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Sharrod runs a corporation that keeps people current and trendy while additionally permitting them to send a crucial message supporting their causes.

Celebrities still acknowledge Imagez attire line, demonstrating the brand’s popularity. Young Scrap, Lakeyah, Christina Mallan, Young Crazy, and Yungworld Juan are simply many of the celebrities who have detected the brand. Currently, Skip DMV’s music and apparel have reached new heights, his business generates plenty of buzz within the media. Check him out on ig @skip_dmv