ShackledCraft Minecraft Prison Server

The shackledCraft server is a world where no-one has to fight, everyone is given a free place to live, and it’s all survival with minimal combat. While this may sound great in theory, many players will find the environment overwhelming.

Have you ever struggled through weeks of work trying to create your own unique storylines in Minecraft alone? You could go and join a shackled server and allow other players to share the burden of your creative endeavors!

Why did you get started in Minecraft?

When I was younger, my grandmother used to own a server that we could visit. We would go on it and play games together. Some of my fondest memories are from playing Minecraft with her. I really enjoyed the creative aspect of it. I always loved making things and seeing what other people created. When I got older, I started using Minecraft for survival and eventually made my first server. I have been playing it ever since!

Brief history of the ShackledCraft mod that spawned your server

The ShackledCraft mod was created by Noxious Potato in March of 2016. It is a survival minecraft server mod that adds various prisons to the game, including a custom prison that is heavily inspired by the Game of Thrones show and novels.

The server has been around since May of 2016 and currently has over 1,000 players. The server has seen incredible growth in recent months and is now one of the largest servers on the network.

What is a Prison Server?

A Prison Server is a Type of Minecraft Server where the Players are Locked Up in Trought. There is usually a Boss who Needs to be Killed in order to Escape. The Guests can only visit the Prison if they are invited by the Host.

ShackledCraft Minecraft Prison Server

How does the server work?

First, we’ll start with the basics of how our server works. You will spawn on a small island, smack in the middle of the prison. You are then able to explore and find prisons all around the island. Each prison has different restrictions placed on it, such as no PvP, only pistons, or silver tools.
In order to escape from the island and join other players for multiplayer, you will need to find a key. There are three keys found throughout the island – one in each of the prisons. Once you have acquired a key, you can use it to unlock the door to any prison on the island and join the other players inside!
So how do you get a key? Well, there are a few ways to achieve this. The first is through looting killed players or mobs – they may have a key hidden among their items! The second way is through surrendering to law enforcement – they may be willing to give you a key in exchange for your imprisonment! The final way is by winning a challenge – usually offered by one of our prison chefs or wardens. These challenges can test your ability to traverse and survive in different prisons, so be sure to hunt them down!
Once you’ve acquired a key

Programs used to run on the server

We use the following programs:
Minecraft 1.5.2
MCServer 1.8.7
Spigot 1.8.8

The server is hosted on a DigitalOcean account, with 4GB of RAM and a 2 CPU core instance.

Server Management

When starting up your ShackledCraft Minecraft Prison Server, you will need to set up some basic server management tasks. The most important of these is creating a server name and IP address. You will also need to create a user account for yourself, and optionally add other users.

Once you have created these values, you can start the ShackledCraft Minecraft Prison Server by typing “/start” into the console. You should then see the following message:

“ShackledCraft Minecraft Prison Server started at [server IP address]!”

Now that the server is up and running, let’s take a look at some of the main features available on this server.

Expansion and Oppression in Prison Servers

Minecraft servers have been used as a platform for peaceful protest, as well as for more criminal activities. ShackledCraft, a prison server, is a great example of howMinecraft servers are used for exploitation and oppression.

ShackledCraft is a prison server that utilizes the Prison Mod provided by Ivorius. Ivorius created the Prison Mod in order to create a more realistic experience for players who want to play on a prison server. The mod includes features such as automatic prisoner feedings, rules for prisoners, and a Jail world where the player can imprison other players.

The jail world is an important part of the Prison Mod because it allows players to experiment with different rules and see how they affect interaction between prisoners. For example, one rule in the jail world is that prisoners must work in pairs to get around the island. This rule creates conflict because it forces prisoners to work together, which can be against their nature. However, by creating rules like this one, Ivorius gives players an opportunity to see how oppression works in a simulated setting.

Players can also use the Jail world to test new mods or strategies before implementing them onto the main server. One such mod is the Economy Mod, which gives players control over resources on the island. By using the Economy Mod, players can experiment with different pricing schemes and see how they affect player interaction.

ShackledCraft is an important prison server because it demonstrates how Minecraft servers can be used for peaceful protest or for more criminal activities. Ivorius has created a mod that allows players to experiment with different rules and strategies, which helps to create a more realistic experience.


ShackledCraft is a fully functional and immersive Minecraft Prison Server that lets you live the life of a convict. From the moment you spawn into our server, you will be immersed in a world of darkness, dirt, filth and strict rules. You’ll need to obey all of the rules or suffer the consequences – no playing rough with your fellow convicts! If this sounds like something you’re interested in checking out, make sure to head over to our website and sign up for an account. With so much to see and do on ShackledCraft, there’s no way that you’ll be disappointed!