Seth Meyers on Tuesday poked fun at former Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo following his resignation due to an investigation that found he sexually harassed eleven women.

Cuomo announced earlier this month that Tuesday would be his last day of office. However, he insists that he would have defeated impeachment accusations if they had been filed.

Cuomo stated in his farewell address Monday that he had been treated unfairly due to the allegations. This led to a “political stampede” and a “media stampede.”

Meyers laughed and said, “Yeah! What kind of white man whose father was also governor only gets 10 years in office?”

Mario Cuomo was Cuomo’s father and Empire State governor during the 1980s, 1990s.

Just hours before Lieutenant. Hours before Governor Kathy Hochul was sworn in as Cuomo’s replacement, the outgoing governor granted clemency for six people.

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Meyers also joked that he had “issued one pardon” and, this is strange, it was for future Andrew Cuomo.

Cuomo, although now a private citizen is still being investigated for sexual-harassment charges. Authorities are investigating whether Cuomo covered-up the deaths of COVID-19 in nursing homes and whether Cuomo misused state resources to publish a book on leadership during the pandemic.