Sen. Tim Scott: S.1 Isn't a voting rights bill, it Has a partisan power grab that May Hurt Religion in elections

As I ready to present my answer President Biden’s initial Joint Address to Congress a monthI reflected about the condition of our nation and the problems that I wanted to talk about with all the American folks. So as to have a successful dialog about where our nation is now, and where we are headed, we have to have honest discussions suspended in common sense.

Among the numerous problems I shared with the nation, I understood it was very important to call the unethical story peddled by left-wing politicians and mainstream press on the dilemma of reform. As a Black guy who has graduated at the South all of my life, voting rights are private to me.

As I mentioned in my speechI encourage making it much easier to vote and harder to cheat. Thus do my fellow Republicans, so do voters.

However, the Democrats so-called”For the Individuals Act” would really make it a lot much easier to deceive and more difficult to vote. It’s not a voting rights bill. It’s a partisan power grab that will destroy confidence in our election process.


Democrats are trying to rewrite the rules take away control from local and state officials and place the federal government accountable for This unethical strategy to nationalizing elections is more equally inconsistent with the Constitution and inconsistent with commonsense. It does not require a specialist to understand the requirements of New York are distinct from the requirements of South Carolina.

The listing of terrible thoughts from the Democrat bill is lengthy. Incredibly, President Joe Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wish to put in tax dollars into political effort balances. Meaning your cash may be spent on advertisements for applicants that you do not encourage, exposing the ones which that you do.

They would like to flip the nonpartisan Federal Election Commission to a partisan crisis. Tipping the scales of this individual agency responsible for enforcing campaign finance laws could politicize decisions affecting each candidate for national office.

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Their strategy would make fraud more difficult to discover by enabling unlimited ballot reaping all over the nation. Every election season there are tales of governmental operatives succumbing to this desire to tamper with ballots they are paid to accumulate. Worse would be the tales of poor celebrities deceiving voters, particularly the older.

One of the most egregious terms would be that the drive gut voter ID legislation. The Current liberal debate which voter ID requirements are well known and geared toward controlling the minority vote is just not rooted in reality. At a Senate committee hearing last week, Democrats created the situation to their suggestions by replicating those false statements. But recent polling demonstrates that the vast majority of all Americans are in favor of voter ID requirements, such as massive majorities of Black folks and Hispanics.

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That is because voter ID, together with a number of other commonsense election legislation, give people confidence which our elections are safe, honest, and true. Removing these legislation also eradicates optimism in the procedure. History indicates that low confidence in elections ends in depressed turnout.

Luckily, there are nonetheless a few commonsense Democrats which makes the case for maintaining election ethics. In a week’s hearing, the New Hampshire’s Democrat secretary of state, Bill Gardner, surfaced against the Democrats’ election strategy.

Gardner pointed out that his house country outpaced national turnout in the past presidential election by over 10 things and has always placed in the top five all states for turnout.


California, a country with more relaxed voting conditions, consistently ranks in the base to voter turnout in presidential elections. Democrats are struggling to attract California’s failed platform into the other 49 countries, regardless of how those policies have contributed to always lower involvement.

It’s not been more important to market increased voter confidence in our elections. However, Democrats–helped by liberal press articles to replicate their speaking points–continue to ignore the truth in favour of black political maneuvers. Their crusade to reevaluate our elections has nothing to progress the reason for voter trust. In reality, it’s done the reverse.

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