Selena Gomez Shares Body Positivity Message While Rocking One-Piece Swimsuit

“Ice Cream” singer Selena Gomez shared a body-positive message by rocking a vintage-inspired one-piece swimsuit in a music video. In the music video, the singer resembles a pinup from the 1940s, complete with white gloves and a captain’s hat. The actress also wore an Adidas romper, a clear visor and a white captain’s hat.

Selena Gomez’s body is socially accepted

Whether or not Selena Gomez’s body image is socially acceptable is a question that pop stars often wrestle with. In her Vogue cover story, Selena Gomez opens up about her body image and weight fluctuation. The actress/singer analyzes 15 looks from 2007 to 2021 to reveal how much her body has changed over the years. She admitted that she didn’t feel comfortable in her 2015 Met Gala photo and similar comments were made at the premiere of “The Dead Don’t Die” in 2019.

Some argue that Selena Gomez shouldn’t be the face of body positivity because her body is socially acceptable. Many women don’t look like Gomez, but there are plenty of women who fit into Gomez’s clothing size. Besides, most women in the United States are in size 16-18. This means that Gomez’s body is not the ideal model of beauty. Many people don’t consider Selena Gomez’s body type as attractive or desirable, but they still do.

Selena Gomez’s message of body positivity

This summer, one of the hottest accessories is confidence, and Selena Gomez knows how to get the message across. She lip-synchronized to a body-positive song in a TikTok video and sported a multi-colored La’Mariette one-piece swimsuit. The star is a vocal advocate of body-positive messaging and founded the swimwear line with Theresa Mingus in 2021.

While there are plenty of celebrities who are promoting body positivity, Selena Gomez’s body type is hardly a realistic representation of the majority of women’s bodies. In fact, the average American women wear clothing sizes between 16 and 18, so the singer and model has a particularly unrealistic body type. However, many people are not so quick to judge Gomez – she did not request to be the face of body positivity.
Selena Gomez Shares Body Positivity Message While Rocking One-Piece Swimsuit

Selena Gomez’s bikini suit

A video of Selena Gomez wearing a one-piece swimsuit went viral, and the singer shared her message about body positivity with fans on TikTok. While lip-syncing to a body-positive TikTok sound, she ran her hand over her stomach. The post was well-received by fans, and Gomez’s body image has been praised by many.

Although Gomez rarely wears a bikini in public, she often supports the swimwear line La Mariette. During the recent “Ice Cream” music video, Selena looked like a 1940s pinup. To complete her outfit, she wore white gloves and a captain’s hat. Besides her one-piece swimsuit, she wore an Adidas romper and a clear visor.

Selena Gomez’s latest one-piece swimsuit clip has sparked many comments from her millions of fans. Fans are delighted that she isn’t using photoshop, which usually makes the images look unrealistic. And as fans pointed out in the comments, she is sharing an important message about body positivity and body confidence. But what can fans say?

Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selena Gomez

Justin Bieber’s relationship with Selina Gomez is a topic of much speculation. The couple broke up in March of this year, and there were rumors that the two had split up again. However, Selena and Justin were spotted together at church during their breakup. It was not until October of 2017 that they made their last official reunion. Selena had tweeted that the two had broken up.
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In March 2019, Selena went on the Internet to tease fans about her new single, which is supposedly about her ex-boyfriend. The upcoming single, titled “Bad Liar,” is rumored to be about Selena’s ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Justin and Selena have not been following each other on social media. Selena recently said she learned a lot about relationships from her previous relationships.