“Bat Out of Hell” singer Meat Loaf passed away on Thursday, but he was celebrated on Thursday by many artists, including Cher, Brian May, and Andrew Lloyd Webber. The band was also joined by Meat Loaf’s co-star Edward Norton and former Fight Club member, Ed O’Neill. The show was part of a memorial concert in Los Angeles, honoring the Bat Out of Hell singer.

Meat Loaf was the lead singer on “Back Into Hell” by Ted Nugent, who reunited with Lorraine Crosby in that album. In the same year, Meat and Lorraine performed “Back into Hell,” which later became a chart-topping hit. In the same year, Eric Clapton and Meat Loaf sang backup vocals on “Battle Membership.”

Meat Loaf’s life began when he signed with a sub-label of Motown Records. Soon after that, he began collaborating with Shaun “Stoney” Murphy. Together, they released the eponymous album, which did not chart. Unfortunately, Meat Loaf didn’t live to enjoy that success. His family and fellow band members were elated to see Eric Church pay tribute to their late friend and collaborator.

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Meat Loaf’s death has brought the rock world to a halt. His last song, “Bat Out of Hell,” is a classic. Thousands of fans paid tribute to Meat Loaf on social media. Now, even celebrities are paying tribute to him. Among the many tributes to him on the Internet, Eric Church is among them. The singer’s family posted a video of the recording on his Instagram account.

Meat Loaf was an incredibly popular rock star. His best-known songs included “Bat Out of Hell,” “Bat Out of Hell” and “Bat of Heaven.” The singer passed away at the age of 74. Various celebrities have been paying tribute to Meat Loaf on social media. In the meantime, the rock icon’s death is being commemorated by many other famous people.

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