Scuti Launches First Ever Gamified Ad Units For Video Games

Scuti is a direct sales and marketing channel for millions of gamers. Its products include gamified ad units, in-game currency, and interoperable wallets. Learn more about these products and how you can get started using them to reach millions of players. This article provides information about some of Scuti’s key products. We also discuss the benefits of using this new form of advertising and how to integrate it into your current marketing strategy.

Scuti is a direct marketing and sales channel to millions of game players

Video games have become the most valuable consumer markets. There are approximately 3.2 billion people worldwide who play games on a regular basis. The demographics of this group are particularly diverse, with 80% of Gen Z and 75% of US households being gamers. Mobile games reach these players, who collectively spend $5 trillion each year. To attract these consumers, Scuti has developed a direct marketing and sales channel. Scuti’s platform combines deep data with the unique shopper behavior of the video game community. In return, brands can reward shopper behavior by promoting products and brands through a secure, non-intrusive platform.

Scuti is a direct marketing and retail platform for video game players that gives brands a direct path to hundreds of millions of players. Scuti’s attribution and activation data is extremely valuable because it allows brands to access the “walled garden” of games and directly market to them. Players launch Scuti store from their game’s lobby and are rewarded for their purchases. Moreover, players are free of spyware or adware.

It offers in-game currency

Scuti is launching the world’s first gamified ad units for video game developers. Gamified advertising has long been a challenge for video game publishers, as banner ads and native ads are difficult to integrate into the gameplay experience. With the launch of Scuti’s platform, publishers can deliver ads to players that will improve the gaming experience and provide real-life rewards. The Scuti platform is compliant with the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) standards.

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Scuti, a global rewards marketplace, connects the gaming industry to a $5T e-commerce market. It provides brands access to a walled garden of video games, and gamifies the shopping experience through a rewards system and product curation. Through Scuti, brands can engage with gamers and create new revenue streams. And gamers can discover new offers and shop directly from the main menu of any video game.

It offers interoperable wallets

Scuti is a new digital platform for gaming that connects players and brands. Founded by seasoned video game veterans, Scuti aims to create profitable revenue streams for game developers and a universal reward system for players. The company offers an interoperable digital wallet that connects brands and game makers, making it possible for gamemakers to easily convert player activity into real-world revenue.

Scuti’s unique technology platform enables gamers to purchase products and services in-game with real world currency. They are rewarded with Scuti$, a currency that can be exchanged for in-game purchases, donations to charities, and physical products. The marketplace features an in-game shopping feature, and brands can sell their products directly to players, as well as engage with players in virtual space.

It offers gamified ad units

Gaming has grown into an international community of over 3.2 billion people, including 80% of millennials and Gen Z, and more than 75% of US households. The games industry is growing exponentially, with mobile gaming reaching a market of $5 trillion in purchasing power. The Scuti platform aims to provide an in-game experience that honors the player’s experience while creating a rewarding and profitable environment for brands.

The Scuti platform introduces gamified ad units to video games and introduces the concept of brand-fueled rewards that extend the play experience. These reward systems allow players to unlock new features and earn rewards while they are playing. As a result, Scuti is set to revolutionize the gaming industry and change the way players shop. This platform has been a hit with many game developers and brands.