Saumitra Pandey of SalesDuo: Advertising Strategy for Sponsored Display Ads

It comes as no surprise that Amazon has fundamentally altered the way we shop, yet on occasion, fresh information on the extent of Amazon’s changes to the retail industry is provided. Consumers (89%) are significantly more inclined to purchase goods from Amazon than from other e-commerce websites. So if you’re not already using Amazon Advertising, it’s high time you start!

Sponsored display ads, which were initially offered as a form of PPC advertising, have evolved into the cornerstone of creative advertising, demonstrating the power of innovative funnel methods. They can not only be utilized on and off Amazon, but they can also achieve a high-performing and high-paying position on the prime placements.

SD does not target keywords directly, like Amazon DSP, SP, and SB do; instead, it uses an intelligent algorithm to target consumer behaviors, trends, sales histories, and other factors. This is a platform where you can make your own rules. SD advertisements provide you with everything you need to create your own marketing campaign.

As an Amazon shopper, you may find yourself approaching the “Check-out” button when you discover thumbnail photos of things you were just looking at but did not add to your shopping basket a few minutes ago. This is a subliminal message to persuade you to reconsider purchasing those forgotten products. This is a SD-sponsored display ad that makes suggestions based on your own buying habits and activities.

SD advertisements provide a novel and underutilized opportunity.

Customize SD Ads in Creative Ways:

There is no other native Amazon system that offers greater targeting options than sponsored display advertisements. There are several broad options that filter down into particular categories, offering you three basic ways to configure your funnel’s distinct tiers.

How to Run a Successful SD Campaign?

Because there are so many methods to customize your Sponsored Display ad campaigns to get your desired results, each campaign necessitates further study and a greater understanding of what needs to be done.

SalesDuo is a huge supporter of thinking strategically about the audience or competition we want to target, what category to employ, and what ASINs to use for advertising. While this adds a couple more steps to the initial campaign design process, it will help you limit your expenditure even more with such precise targeting.

The key to success is to periodically check the performance of the Sponsored Display initiatives. We may utilize common campaign metrics for sponsored ads, such as Spend, Sales, Impressions, Clicks & ACOS.

Opportunities for optimization:

  • If we see a significant increase in sales of non-advertised items as a result of ads for other products, we may wish to explore promoting them utilizing product targeting and audience campaigns.
  • If we notice a significant increase in sales of non-advertised items as a result of advertisements for other products, we might explore targeting those products with complimentary products using product targeting.

If we find strong performance in a certain audience segment, we examine the following:

  • Increasing bids and promoting more items in that category to assist with scaling
  • Developing a parallel campaign for that audience segment that employs a different targeting strategy. If a product targeting campaign performs well, consider targeting the same group with audiences marketing, and vice versa.
  • Targeting comparable demographics. Similarly, if a particular targeting is underperforming, consider dropping bids and advertising fewer products in that area.

Consider increasing the bid on a single advertised product if we detect excellent performance.

  • If we haven’t previously, we’ll target that product with both product targeting and audience advertising.
  • We’ll also advertise comparable or complementary goods from our catalog.
  • Similarly, if a certain product is underperforming, consider decreasing bids or changing the targeting.

If a campaign is performing well, we may explore boosting bidding, widening targeting, or adding new ASINs to that campaign.

Similarly, if our campaign is underperforming, think about decreasing the bids or changing the targeting.

Top 5 tips for improving your campaigns to get the most of Sponsored Display 

  1. Add more than 10 ASINs to your Sponsored Display campaigns and tweak the structure of your campaigns over time.
  2. Make sure your campaign has enough budget to reach all of your target groups and remain active throughout the day.
  3. Compare the outcomes of budget tests comparing ad solutions (SB & SP).
  4. Use campaign metrics to make intelligent bidding adjustments and to benchmark against campaign objectives.
  5. Experiment with and modify your campaign’s targets.


Display ads are the newest addition to the ever-changing Amazon advertising environment. When used properly, they may boost your advertising efforts, bring in more clicks, impressions, and conversions, and boost your ROAS.

With ex-Amazon experts as staff, SalesDuo has the expertise that no other firm has to increase businesses’ visibility and revenues. The team has tirelessly researched the top trends and strategies to recession-proof your e-commerce business. For more information, visit