Saudi Arabia to Launch Gaming Tournament With $15 Million Prize Pool

A charity esports festival in Saudi Arabia is about to take place in the kingdom. The Saudi Esports Federation will host the tournament. Prize money will be shared between the top 16 teams. There are 15 million dollars up for grabs. Other events in the works are the global charity esports festival, the Pizza Hut Gaming Champions Cup, and Gamers Without Borders’ Fortnite LAN event.

Gamers Without Borders

As a result of the $10 million prize pool in Gamers Without Borders’ esports tournament, Saudi Arabia is set to become a global esports hub. The gaming tournament will bring together 300,000 players from 82 nations, including world class elite players and sports superstars. It will also feature popular multiplatform games like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

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This event is organized by the Saudi Esports Federation and will include community gaming tournaments, entertainment and concerts, as well as free-to-enter training programs. It is a global call for gamers to unite as one to help those in need. The Kingdom has a growing esports scene and has made a strong commitment to supporting local gamer communities.

Fortnite LAN event in Saudi Arabia

A Fortnite LAN event in Saudi Arabia has reportedly raised $3 million for charity. The Fortnite tournament was part of a four-day charitable esports festival that included participants from North America, Europe and the Middle East. The event was also a qualifier for the live version of the Saudi esports championship, which will boast a $15 million prize pool. If you’d like to see the tournament yourself, you can watch a live stream of it on YouTube.

Despite the $20 million prize pool, there haven’t been any Fortnite LAN events in the region since the World Cup. The recent COVID-19 outbreak has delayed these events. However, a recent announcement by prominent Fortnite creator Aussie Antics reveals a $15 million event in Saudi Arabia. In addition, qualifiers have already begun. For further details, you can visit the official website of the event.

Global charity esports festival

The charity event will feature the world’s most talented esports athletes in a two-tiered system. In the lower tier, amateurs will compete in a global community tournament, while the top performers will enter the upper tier to compete against the world’s best gamers. The winning teams will receive a share of the $10 million prize pool, which will go to 12 charity organizations.

The event’s organizers are hosting the tournament for the third consecutive year and the competition will include a US$10 million charity prize pool. In addition to the charity prize pool, the festival will host three elite competitions that will qualify some of the world’s most elite Esports teams to compete in a major tournament in Riyad in the summer of 2022.

Pizza Hut Gaming Champions Cup

The pizza chain has launched an esports tournament in Saudi Arabia. The tournament is called the Pizza Hut Gaming Champions Cup, and it will feature $15 million prize money, which is enough to make any gamer’s heart sing. It will be a three-week competition, with offline qualifiers, playoff stages, and finals. Each gamer can play with his or her team members, but must provide proof of residency for the rest of the team. The event will be streamed live on June 15, 2022.

The gamer’s season will take place from July 14 to September 8, under the slogan, “Your Gateway to the Next World”. The event will feature a variety of competitive tournaments and educational events. Participants can expect to compete in different games, from StarCraft to Fortnite, from PC to consoles. The gaming tournament will also include entertainment shows, concerts, and a Next World Summit, which brings together sports and video game experts from around the world.