Sarah Sunday new single "The Sky is Falling" official Cover image

Sarah has a wonderful biography and a fantastic story about how she stepped into the music
world. According to her manager, he composed the song prior to meeting with Sarah.
Producer Mbj noticed Sarah in one of the local shops in the mall. He asked her if she would
be interested in working on a project. She accepted his invite, and that was the beginning of
her career. Sarah never had a difficult time at work because she was gifted with phenomenal
musical skills since birth. Her father instilled in her a passion and love for music. She is a
down-to-earth woman who adores the 1980s.

Despite the fact that she entered the music industry only because of her manager/producer
and songwriter, DJ Mbj, Sarah is a real vocalist who has grown in popularity as a result of
her musical abilities. Her love of music has inspired her to perform in a new and unique
style. Hence, she serves as a role model for young artists. She is always glad to help them.
They adore following her everywhere.

It is critical to write a catchy pop song or collaborate with a competent team of producers,
videographers, and artists. Music has taken on a new meaning for today’s generation. They
are influenced by music that is not simplistic or traditional. Hip hop and pop music are
popular among this generation. This genre of music comprises a wide variety of styles,
including rapping and other pop compositions. If you want to listen to her Hyper Pop Mix,
then visit this link.

Sarah’s music and lyrics will bring positivity to the new year. Her songs are always full of
significance. She has set a goal for herself to improve her skills and advance in the music
industry. Sarah will make this year memorable for her followers by releasing new music
videos in 2022. Check out her YouTube channel to stay up to date.

“The Sky Is Falling”, Sarah’s latest massive hit has been her greatest achievement uptil now.
Sarah Sunday has just released her fourth and most brilliant single, TSIF – THE SKY IS
FALLING, which is a fun-filled Alt Pop track with a tune that will stay in your head from the
first listen.

Sarah Sunday and her producer, Mbj, met by coincidence and formed the band. Sarah
Sunday has released a string of poppy, punky, EDM tracks that have resulted in 3 #1 singles
on the Starfleet Music Record Pool, several online interviews, and positive feedback.
Following the success of Sarah Sunday’s previous three songs, Come and Find Me, Mental
Zoo, and Ink, it was time for Sarah and Producer Mbj to get into the studio and produce
something greater than ever. No doubt, they succeeded in their plan. The masterpiece “The
Sky Is Falling” was released after a year of social isolation. You can also listen to her radio mix music by clicking here.

With Sarah Sunday’s most memorable vocal hooks, Blondie and Avril Lavigne are having
potential problems. The track is great including the featuring, driving percussion, synth, and

Sarah has always been passionate about music and this made her what she is today: a
successful music star. You can follow her on Instagram and get updates about her latest