Sacked Russian F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin and Father Dmitry Included on EU Sanctions List

The European Union’s latest sanctions against Russia have named 14 high-profile individuals, including Russian former F1 driver Nikita Mazerpin and his father Dmitry. The EU’s latest list of sanctions is a reaction to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and is a measure to punish those responsible for the conflict. In an online conference on Wednesday, Mazepin disputed the inclusion of his family members on its list of targeted individuals. At the same conference, he said that his sacking from Haas on March 4 was unexpected and that he signed the FIA neutral flag document.

The EU’s sanctions list includes Dmitry Mazepin and Nikita Mazepin, two of Russia’s most prominent oligarchs. Dmitry and Nikita are in Putin’s inner circle, and the two are related by blood. Dmitry Mazepin met with the Russian president on Feb. 24. The meeting was over the impact of Western sanctions on Russia’s economy. The pair reportedly met to discuss the effect of sanctions on the industry. The Russian F1 team reacted by cutting their contract with the driver and sponsor Uralkali, the company that owns Haas.

Sacked Russian F1 Driver Nikita Mazepin and Father Dmitry Included on EU Sanctions List

Dmitry Mazepin, the Russian father of former F1 driver Nikita, is also included on the EU sanctions list. He is the chief executive and owner of the chemical giant Uralchem. The European Union has banned a number of individuals from entering the EU. Listed on the list are Dmitry Mazepin and his father Dmitry.

Dmitry Mazepin’s son, Nikita, and father Dmitry were included on the EU’s blacklist, which bans people from entering the EU. The list also bans certain entities, including Dmitry Mazepin’s foundation. This article explores the reasons for the EU’s recent sanctions on Russia.

The EU said that the two were a part of the Russian government’s invasion of Ukraine. However, they had no direct involvement in the conflict. The EU added them to its list of sanctioned individuals in the following month. Its sanctions were lifted after they expressed a willingness to abide by them. The EU noted that the two were involved in negotiations with the Russian president.

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While their names are on the list, Dmitry Mazepin’s name has been echoed by the oligarch who is a close associate of the Russian president. Despite their ties to Putin, the FIA has allowed them to race under neutral flags, and a spokesman for the FIA said they were “insensitive” to the situation.