Ryan Reynolds Opened Up About His Struggles With Stress Within an Honest Instagram Post

Yesterday, Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds submitted a private message to his social media accounts to indicate Mental Health Awareness Month

Reynolds, who generally publishes tongue-in-cheek articles advertising his gin brand Aviation Gin or jibes aimed at his celebrity friends like Hugh Jackman, instead used his stage to deal with his ongoing battles with mental ill health.

“One of the reasons I ‘m posting this so late is I overschedule myself and important things slip. And one of the reasons I overschedule myself is my lifelong pal, anxiety. I know I ‘m not alone and more importantly, to all those like me who overschedule, overthink, overwork, over-worry and over-everything, please know you’re not alone,” the post read. “We don’t talk enough about mental health and don’t do enough to destigmatize talking about it. But, as with this post, better late than never I hope…”

It’s not the first time 44-year-old Reynolds has addressed his anxiety. After filming the first Deadpool movie, Reynolds was diagnosed with anxiety.

“I have anxiety, I’ve always had anxiety,” Reynolds said of his diagnosis. “Both in the lighthearted ‘I’m anxious about this’ kind of thing, and I’ve been to the depths of the darker end of the spectrum, which is not fun.”

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