Russia has been barred for this season’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) who produces the show is announcing the decision to exclude Russia from the event as it could bring the show into disrepute “in context of the unprecedented turmoil within Ukraine”.

In an announcement, the EBU declared: “The decision reflects concern regarding the recent crisis in Ukraine and the inclusion of the Russian entry to this year’s Contest could bring the contest into the spotlight.

“Before taking this step,, the EBU made sure to conduct extensive consultations with its members.

“The EBU is an apolitical broadcaster membership organisation that is who are committed to the principles that are the foundation of public services.”

The group explained that they are determined to safeguard its “values” associated with the festival, scheduled to take place at Turin, Italy, in May.

The statement said: “We remain dedicated to protecting the principles of a culture competition that fosters the exchange of ideas and knowledge across borders and brings people together. promotes diversity through music and brings Europe in one place.”

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Russia attacked Ukraine this Thursday (24.02.22) However, the EBU initially said that Ukraine could take part in Eurovision.

The organizers said they were “currently in the process of planning” to host participants coming from Russia in addition to Ukraine.

The statement read that at the time “We are sure to continue to follow the situation carefully.”

However, the state-owned broadcaster of Ukraine UA:PBC has demanded Russia to be banned from the competition which took place in Italy by Maneskin in 2021.

The broadcaster explained the Russian counterparts as “mouthpiece to the Kremlin and a crucial tool for political propaganda”.

The UA:PBC described the situation as “contrary” in comparison to standards that are a part of EBU.

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