Texas musical crew Polyphia as of late defeated what a few performers call their “most terrible bad dream” during a show. As per Loudwire, while playing to a group at the So What Festival 2022, in Austin, the band’s drummer, Clay Aeschliman, started to disapprove of his in-ear screen. At a certain point he took them out totally and mouthed, “I can’t hear s — .”

Staggeringly, Polyphia’s drum tech bounced in and made all the difference by transforming himself into a living metronome, in a manner of speaking, by tapping out the beat on Aeschliman’s leg with his hand. He later changed to a drum stick. The entire thing was caught on TikTok by Jason Tyler, the guitarist for Chicago rock outfit Belmont. In his post, Tyler noticed that the drum tech “saved the show.” He additionally subtitled the video, “The most great presentation of musicianship I think I’ve at any point found face to face.”
The video has grabbed a great deal of eye on the web, with one individual remarking on Tyler’s video and recognizing the legend drum tech who saved the band’s set. “The drum tech tapping his leg is Chris Lent,” the client shared. “He used to be the drummer of I Set My Friends on Fire and furthermore played consoles in From First to Last, among others.”

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Remarking on why it was a major save when Lent hurried in to help, one enthusiast of the band made sense of, “Polyphia has timing scheme changes all through each melody so in the event that the drums are off everybody can tell more than most different groups.” Another TikTok client added, “Best drum tech of all time. Give that man a raise. They’re math-rock they utilize a tick.” Referring to the band’s lead guitarist, Tim Henson, the client proceeded, “Tim’s scribblings are however out against the beat. This drummer kills.”

Polyphia previously shaped in 2010 in Plano, Texas. The ongoing line-up highlights Henson and Aeschliman, as well as Scott LePage (guitar) and Clay Gober (bass). Until this point, the band has delivered three studio collections, two EPs, and a small bunch of singles. Polyphia’s latest single is “Playing God,” which Loudwire commended as finding “the band filling the melody with Spanish flavor, using complex game plans with nuevo flamenco guitars, a piece a bossa nova energy and some snare styled rhythms to convey something fascinating.”

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