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Brooklyn-hailing Asian-American artist Darro continues to showcase his catchy blend of early 2000s emo and pop-punk with a fresh twist that pushes boundaries of the genre on his latest release “All Be Lost,” with a creative lyric video to sing along. 

“All Be Lost” is filled with flowing guitar riffs and modern punk melodies that weave together an anthemic, Nu-punk atmosphere. His smooth vocals and upbeat sonic sensibilities on the track skillfully mask darker lyrical themes exploring the difficulty of fitting in and the heart-wrenching desperation with which people often seek approval.


A rising singer-songwriter who was hit by a roadblock in the form of serious health issues, just after the release of debut EP Nostalgia in 2017, managed to come out of his struggles stronger.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, the then 24-year-old talent re-learned how to speak and sing, bringing to life his inspirational recovery journey on debut full-length Song Of Recovery in 2020.

From there on, Darro has never looked back, honing his craft pulling us in with hypnotic instrumentation ready set to earn replay after replay. With another body of work Accidents incoming later this year, there’s much more to come from his innovative brand of alternative anthems.

He embarks on an east coast tour this summer, and one of these dates can be your city! 

Tour Schedule

7/1 – Pittsburgh, PA

7/2 – Chicago, IL

7/3 – Cincinnati, OH

7/5 – Atlanta, GA

7/7 – Charlotte, NC

7/8 – Washington, DC

7/9 – Lancaster, PA

7/10 – Allentown, PA

7/11 – Asbury Park, NJ

7/15 – Boston, MA

7/16 – Philadelphia, PA

7/17 – New York, NY

Check out his music! https://links.darrochea.com

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