The singer, who’s been dating rapper ASAP Rocky since the end of last year, is pregnant! She’s been spotted in New York City and is showing off her growing baby bump. In the photos, the star can be seen sporting a pink vintage Chanel coat and ripped jeans. In another photo, she’s wearing a jeweled necklace and kissing A$AP Rocky on her forehead.

The news that Rihanna is expecting was confirmed by a photo that went viral on the internet. The two were spotted strolling in the snow in New York, where Rihanna showed off her bump. She was wearing a red vintage Chanel coat and a pair of ripped jeans, and she was sporting a long jeweled necklace. The photos also show that Rihanna’s belly is now more than six months!

Although Rihanna has not revealed any news about her pregnancy, she’s been busy making an album and promoting it to the world. She is busy promoting it to promote her new single, which she’s releasing later this year. A$AP Rocky has announced his engagement to the singer and their relationship in May 2021. The singer is still unmarried, so announcing her pregnancy has not been a difficult task.

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Rumors have been circulating that the singer is expecting her first child with boyfriend A$AP Rocky. During the weekend, Rihanna was photographed with her boyfriend in Harlem. She was seen wearing a pink puffy jacket, revealing her baby bump, and a colorful jewel cross chain. In an interview with GQ in May, A$AP Rocky called her “the love of my life.”

The news that the singer is pregnant has been circulating for a while. A$AP Rocky and Rihanna have been spotted together in Harlem without revealing the gender of their unborn child. Despite the fact that the couple’s relationship is very private, both have revealed that they are pregnant. The news came as a surprise to the fans, and they’ve been congratulating each other.

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The news broke on Monday, and Rihanna showed off her baby bump in pictures with A$AP Rocky. In one photo, the singer showed off her growing baby bump in a pink open coat and jeans. In another, she posed with her rapper boyfriend in the heart of Harlem. In the other photo, Rihanna embraced A$AP Rocky on the cheek, kissing him and putting on a sexy $8,000 Chanel coat.