Rex Orange County has scored his first UK Number One album with Who Cares, beating Ghost to the top spot. his latest album is their fourth studio release, and follows on from independent releases such as ‘Waiting on a Friend’ and ‘Bring Me Some Wine.’ The album also marks the band’s first official chart entry in the U.K.

The new album was recorded in just 48 hours and was co-produced by Rex and producer Benny Benassi. The band worked with Benny on the recording process, and the new single has received rave reviews from fans. The song was produced in collaboration with Tyler, the Creator, and features a verse by him. The two previously collaborated on ‘Flower Boy’.

The album also topped the U.K. Singles chart, with Dave’s ‘Starlight’ reaching the top spot for the second week running. Meanwhile, Aitch’s ‘Baby’, which is the band’s seventh consecutive Top 10 single, peaked at #2. Rex Orange County is the second best selling album in the U.K., and is set to break the British charts with ‘Who Cares’.

Rex Orange County has made history with his fourth studio album, ‘Who Cares’. The song has become the biggest audio-streaming week of the year. It also scored a second-week chart position. The band’s first U.K. number one album was ‘Pony’, which peaked at #20. In the U.K., Rex Orange Country has surpassed their previous high of #1 with ‘Who Cares’.

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Rex Orange County has scored their first-ever UK Number 1 album with ‘Who Cares’, the song that has become a hit. Rex Orange County has three studio albums, the independently released ‘BCos U Will Never Be Free’ (2015), and a major label release ‘Pony’ in 2019. Their fourth album, ‘Who Cares’, has reached a career high, with its third-weekend peak at Number 5.

Rex Orange County has scored its first UK Number 1 album with ‘Who Cares’, which beats rival Swedish rock band Ghost. The track has spent 20 weeks at the top, with Rex’s debut at number one. And with ‘Who Cares’, the band is finally on the path to becoming a global sensation. It’s a great day for music in the UK.

‘Who Cares’ has been the most popular song on the UK Albums Chart in the past week. With the album, the band’s live performance video has been uploaded to Apple Music. “Who Cares” was the most successful song in the band’s history, according to the UK iTunes. However, the band’s live performance video is the band’s first official music video.

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