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Several months ago, Tom Brady announced his retirement from football. He played 22 seasons in the NFL and was voted the NFL’s most valuable player in 2013. That season, Brady lost his final game to the Los Angeles Rams, but not before connecting with Mike Evans for a 55-yard touchdown pass. The NFL auctioned off Tom’s last career touchdown ball, which sold for over $518000.

On Saturday, the “final” career touchdown ball of Tom Brady sold for over $518,000 at auction. It was consigned by a fan who caught it during a Buccaneers’ game against the Los Angeles Rams. It’s not the most expensive item in the world, but the price of a regular Tom Brady TD football is high. Even if the quarterback decides to retire, it’s unlikely that his football will be worth that much in 2022.

Retired QB Tom Brady Final Touchdown Ball Sells For Over $518000 at Auction

It’s impossible to determine whether Brady’s retirement will affect the value of the football, but it could certainly have an effect. The ball is a rare memorabilia piece of the NFL’s history. It was signed by many of the legendary players and is one of the most valuable sports collectibles in the world. The ball was first auctioned last year for $428,841. Another piece of Brady memorabilia sold for more than $1,300,000.

After a six-week retirement, Brady announced his return to the NFL. His last touchdown ball has been auctioned for over $518000. The player’s retirement is not a factor in the value of the ball. In fact, the player’s return has helped the football’s value. Football also impacted the market for autographed items, but the price may have a lasting effect.

The ball is one of the most expensive sports memorabilia in the world. It is the only ball that has been autographed by a famous footballer. The auctioned ball is considered to be the most valuable of all. The price of the ball will depend on the condition of the football. The higher the value of the autographed football, the more expensive it will be.

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A football signed by Tom Brady has sold for more than $518000 on auction site Auctio.com. A similar auction of the ball’s autographed football has sold for over $1 million in the past three years. The upcoming season for the New England Patriots will be his 23rd NFL season. Despite this, the Patriots are still a part of the Patriots’ dynasty, and the upcoming he has hinted he may return to the game.