Reds take'full responsibility' for Passing of FEU athlete, cousin

Even the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and its armed wing, the New People’s Army (NPA), took”full responsibility” for the passing of Far Eastern University soccer player Keith Absalon along with his cousin, Nolven.

“The whole CPP and NPA take complete responsibility for the catastrophe. There’s absolutely no justification for the annoyance that this has generated the Absalon household,” CPP data officer Marco Valbuena said in a statement.

“We all hope that the Absalon household, their relatives and friends, along with the total Filipino people can take our profoundest apologies, self-criticism and willingness to expand any proper kind of indemnification,” Valbuena added.

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The victims following an improvised bomb went off while they were biking along Barangay Anas at Masbate last June 6.

“In waging a people’s war, the New People’s Army is constantly invited to provide the highest priority to the security of civilian lives and property. In this aspect, the Masbate episode shouldn’t have occurred,” that the CPP explained.

“The lessons which are going to be drawn should direct the NPA to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the future and also strengthen its resolve to serve and protect individuals,” it added.