Reasons For TikTok's Growth During Pandemic Times

Whether or not their company survives a pandemic, brands need to understand the potential of social media marketing. Although Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube don’t require an intro, many marketers fail to consider TikTok a potent new competitor. The use of TikTok is growing in popularity. The site now has millions of monthly users as of this year. It has received more downloads since the first quarter of 2020 than every application. Gen Zers make up 60% of TikTok users, and it’s essential to keep in mind that the U.S. will have millions of members of that generation by the end of the following year, leaving it the biggest in the nation. Let’s take a deeper look at what TikTok is about and why you should video think about incorporating it into the marketing plan.


A media software called TikTok enables users to make and share little films. In China, the application debuted in 2014. It used to be known as back then. The program grew in popularity globally over the subsequent few years. was bought by Beijing-based media business ByteDance in 2017 for $1 billion. At the time, TikTok, a similar app owned by ByteDance, had been available in China since 2016. Both applications enjoyed enormous popularity in various regions of the world. Thus, ByteDance decided to integrate them in August 2017. Currently, Google Play and the App Store offer TikTok to users worldwide. The users of this app are efficiently using the app to stay exposed. They are also choosing to buy TikTok fans for their TikTok profiles to become famous in a short period.

What distinguishes TikTok from other social media channels?

  • High level of engagement with the younger crowd.
  • A vast selection of small-screen entertainment for diversion.
  • Possibilities for quick resharing.
  • Short videos are only accepted (15 to 60 seconds).

Reasons Why TikTok Ought To Be Considered For Advertising

TikTok is a social media site that is rapidly expanding. Several people wrongly believe that only teenagers utilize it. However, a sizable portion of your intended audience might be using TikTok in the meanwhile. TikTok may be an excellent platform for promoting your brand to millions of people while also reaching a younger demographic. With its user base expanding annually, TikTok could be a priceless asset in all efforts to raise awareness of your business. All you have to do is provide a hyperlink in your profile to direct viewers from a TikTok clip to your webpage.

Inspirational Marketing

Utilizing influencer marketing, numerous brands increased their reputation on TikTok and increased consumer awareness of their products. Finding an influencer having a following that resembles the target market is simply because of the network’s rising popularity. The hyperlink to your webpage cannot be embedded within a clip; therefore, an influencer must either advertise your goods or services inside the clip itself or include a link within their profile.

Existing Brand Users Of TikTok For Marketing

The platform’s significance has already been recognized by many businesses who use it for advertising their companies. Instances include:

  • Chipotle is a fast food place that produces advertisements for its food, holds contests for TikTok fans and accepts amusing videos at its stores.
  • NBA and NFL both share game clips and player cameo.
  • Elf Cosmetics makes entertaining movies using the trending hashtag #eyeslipsface.
  • Guess — publishes stunning commercials.

Advertisement TikTok

After some time, TikTok eventually established legitimate channels for businesses to advertise.

  • Videos called TopView Ads are displayed as soon as the user launches the program.
  • In-Feed Native Ads are videos that play as viewers navigate through their feed.
  • Videos that motivate people to submit entries utilizing a particular hashtag are known as branded hashtag challenges.
  • Use your video’s effects filter “Branded Effects” to highlight brand-specific content.
  • Brand Takeover: To grab the attention of the user, utilize those full-screen static and dynamic display adverts.

The Mature Content On TikTok

You have to understand that the information on TikTok is made up of sound and video clips that last between 15 and 60 seconds if you want to know how to sell your business there. The noises may come from various sources, including movies, television shows, music, tunes, other users’ videos, and more. Short videos, cooking clips, humor, jokes, pranks, etc., are a few content types that are excelling on the TikTok app. Hashtags are another famous type of content that plays a significant role in tik-tok. Hashtags campaigns have been highly successful on TikTok in recent times. They are also performing.


TikTok is a captivating social media app that is gaining popularity by the hour. The desire for additional entertainment options is growing due to COVID-19, which accounts for the explosive increase in its usage during the previous three months. TikTok provides opportunities for efficient brand recognition and marketing. You may significantly increase your digital advertising ROI by collaborating with influencers, taking advantage of paid advertising options, and producing genuine content. Please get in touch with PayMeToo right away if you’d like additional details on how to put your TikTok marketing plan and other social Media management into action.