Reality Check for a Suddenly Reeling Razorback Baseball Team

Reality Check for a Suddenly Reeling Razorback Baseball Team

Despite recent struggles, Arkansas diamond hogs remain in good shape to host a Regional in Fayetteville. They are still in first place in the SEC West and still have a chance to win a Regional. But their best attribute is a cause for concern. Here’s what you need to know:

Despite its struggles, Razorback baseball is still in good shape to host a Regional in Fayetteville

Arkansas is still in very good shape to host a Regional in Faietteville, even if its season hasn’t gone as planned. Despite its struggles, the Razorbacks’ starting pitching has shown the wear and tear of a long conference season, and they have struggled against SEC competition. The Razorbacks’ team batting average has also been below average the past two weeks, but the starters are still good enough to advance.

In game one of the Regional in Fayetteville, the Razorbacks defeated the South Carolina Gamecocks. The team scored four runs in the ninth inning to come back and defeat the Sooners, 17-6. Arkansas could qualify for a super regional if it wins a second game. In game two, Arkansas beat Wichita State by a score of 10-7. In the next game, Razorback Andy Wilkins went 5-5, and drove in three runs with his single. In the deciding game, Wilkins hit two home runs and had five RBI, while Kevin Kopps held the Huskers scoreless in the third inning. With a win over Florida State, the Razorbacks advance to the Omaha regional.

The Diamond Hogs are still in first place in the SEC West

The batting strategy is not the most sexy thing in the world, but it helps explain why the Razorbacks are so good this season. Their batting average is a little bit better than the sexy numbers would suggest, but their sloppy defense is hurting them more than their offense. A team reliant on pitching like the Razorbacks is bound to fall short of its potential if it can’t find an offensive weapon.

Arkansas finished third in the SEC this season and finished with a.525 winning percentage. They also finished third in the SEC, finishing third. In the NCAA Tournament, Arkansas had the third-best record, and they’d be in the running for a national seed if they had won the SEC Tournament. However, they were only 11-4 in conference play and their RPI rating was low, so a good start to the season is essential to the Hogs’ chances of making the NCAA Tournament.

The Diamond Hogs’ best attribute is a concern

The Arkansas Razorbacks have not only lost four games this year, but they have also lost two of their last three conference series. In the regular season, they finished third in the SEC, winning 18 of their last 24 games. They have also lost to Florida and Texas A&M. Those losses are stinging, especially coming just ahead of the SEC Tournament. And while this loss is disappointing, the Razorbacks aren’t out of the woods yet.

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Arkansas’ batting lineup is far from sexy. The Razorbacks have a lackluster offense, but their pitching staff was an integral part of that. The Razorbacks finished second in the SEC in runs allowed, and third in opponents’ batting average. They have a solid defense, and they aren’t going to be outdone again in the near future.