Several actors have responded to recent criticism of Joss Whedon’s Justice League. Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg, has been in the spotlight due to the director’s controversial comments. In a recent interview, he defended Whedon, saying that he was “not a racist.” However, the actor says that the film’s problems are more widespread than he first believed.

The controversy has been centered around Joss Whedon’s decision to cut the star of the DCEU movie. Whedon said he had never worked with more rude and unprofessional people. He also denied rumors that he threatened to kill Gal Gadot’s career. Meanwhile, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher has launched a campaign to highlight Whedon’s poor treatment of the cast. He has called the filmmaker a racist and abusive man.

Although he did not give specific details about the alleged conversations, Fisher said he would clarify after an investigation. He noted that multiple actors of color had their parts drastically cut or removed entirely. The cast of “Justice League” is made up of mostly white actors. Despite the complaints, Whedon’s representatives stated that all of these decisions were made before he took over the project.

The allegations against Whedon were made by the former Buffy the Vampire Slayer director. His Twitter account was filled with angry messages from actors, including Gadot. The accusations against Whedon and Warner Bros. were accompanied by several inflammatory tweets and Facebook posts. Some of them made it clear that they felt they were victimized and that they were being attacked for their race. While some were able to take a stand against Whedon, others felt that their role was in jeopardy.

The newest critics of Whedon’s Justice League cast have argued that Whedon’s meddling has made the movie unwatchable for audiences. While Whedon was not in a position to comment on this issue, he has denied that his criticisms were a result of a misunderstanding between the two men. It is still unclear whether Whedon has spoken to the actress, who was later fired from the film.

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As a producer of the Justice League film, Fisher is defending his director’s work and the film’s cast members. The producer’s actions are not only offensive to the cast. The filmmakers have done everything possible to prevent this situation from happening again. The actor is also committed to maintaining the integrity of his films. He is the one who is in charge of ensuring the success of the films.