The singer R Kelly – real name Robert Sylvester Kelly – has been found guilty of the entire sex trafficking trial that lasted two days of hearings on New York.

An New York jury of seven men and five women found the renowned performer guilty of the nine charges, which include racketeering. The verdict was that was announced on Monday.

The charges were based upon an argument that the group of aides and managers who assisted the singer in meeting girls, and also ensured they were quiet and obedient was an unlawful business.

A number of accusers testified in shocking detail during the trial claiming that Kelly was a slave to their bizarre and cruel whims while they were minors.

The 54-year-old R&B artist’s accusers appeared in court without revealing their real names, in order to protect their privacy and to avoid intimidation by fans of the singer.

Jurors were shown video clips of Kelly engaging in sexual activities that the prosecution claimed weren’t consensual.

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The Assistant US Attorney Maria Cruz Melendez argued that Kelly was a frequent victimizer with a history of abuse. She “maintained control over these victims using every trick in the predator handbook”.

R Kelly has been jailed without bail since the year 2019. His trial was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic as well as Kelly’s last-minute change in his lawyers.