Queensland has seen three COVID-19 cases in Queensland within the last 24 hours. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk states that mask-wearing requirements will be extended for several regions for the next week.

A 12-year-old girl, who had just completed her quarantine in Sydney, flew to Brisbane on QF544 July 9th.

The parent of the child has also been tested positive.

Another locally acquired case is an international airport worker who has been fully vaccinated.

Ms. Palaszczuk stated that masks would need to be worn in 11 areas of south-east Queensland’s local government for another week due to the new cases.

These areas include Brisbane, Logan and Moreton Bay as well as Ipswich and Redlands.

Townsville restrictions will be lifted at 6:00am according to plan.

Ms. Palaszczuk stated that she is aware of the disappointment people feel by the announcement.

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She said, “I am disappointed, Dr Young is disappointed, but we are seeing these outbreaks happening across the country.”

“We just need to get on top these things quickly. So I am asking Queenslanders to be patient and understanding as we work to fix this.

“So that’s to avoid a lockdown. We just want to make certain we get on top.

There are currently 50 cases.