Prince Harry should use his bombshell autobiography to repair the damage done to the royal family, an expert tells Daily reuters. The Duke of Sussex said Tuesday that he will “tell his story” in a book published by Penguin Random House.

There are growing expectations that there will be an attack on the royal family. However, reputation experts tell Newsweek that this might not be true.

Eric Schiffer, Chairman of Reputation Management Consultants said that more context about the allegations in Harry’s Oprah Winfrey interview with Meghan might help to build sympathy and understanding for them.

He said to Daily Reuters, “I think Harry’s book market will be huge and he knows that and that’s what has Buckingham Palace likely freaking about the contents of the book that they’re likely to find painful and repulsive.

“This is an opportunity for him create greater context and a link, and those in Buckingham Palace would like to see that.”

“I believe he is wise and would be able tell the truth and repair any damage.

“This will help to reduce his pariah status here in the U.K.”

“I believe there are ways to increase sympathy and understanding for those who have been hurt by his previous comments.

“He can show empathy and sensitivity to them, and help repair some of their damage. I would hope that he would see this as an opportunity.

Global headlines were made when Meghan said that an unnamed royal family member expressed concern about the color of their unborn child’s skin.

Harry was more cautious, however, and told Oprah that he would never have a conversation with Harry.

He replied, “What will the children look like?”

They didn’t give any context to the conversation, and they did not name the royal. This triggered an international guessing game that saw both Charles and William being suspect.

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Schiffer stated that the couple’s honest testimony had captured the attention of the public in a way that was reminiscent of Princess Diana who gave her own explosive interview in 1995.

He stated that they had a special emotional connection when his mother was alive. Part of it was their ability to connect with this emotional truth.

“And Harry taps into the same meme.”

InterTalent Rights Group chairman Professor Jonathan Shalit agreed it was too early to assume that the memoir would reflect poorly on the royals.