Prince Harry is shining an important light upon the value of meditation and exercising to avoid burnout.

In his recent appearance on mental health The Duke of Sussex joined forces with tennis player Serena Williams to school employees about the importance of balancing work and life.

Harry stated: “From an employer’s perspective you shouldn’t expect in the present era – employees to work for their own if you’re not giving them the time and resources to do it.

“It’s crucial for employers to tell you that if you are able to work on your own time, that’s awesome However, we’ll need include that in your work schedule.

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“If everyone did that the shift in world consciousness , and in our awareness could be massive.

He also said: “If you’re a business leader, it’s for your employees too..

“[You could say] Everyone’s going to have today focusing on themselves.”

In his latest post, Harry shares anecdotes from his new life two children. Harry said: “I now put in 30 minutesor 45 minutes each day in which it’s okay One of my kids is in school, and while the other takes napping, and we have a break in our program.

“It’s either for workout, take the dog for a walk, meditate, get out in nature.”

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