A longtime royal photographer has revealed that Prince Harry “burnt all his boats” at a memorial service for his father, King Philip. The snub is said to have caused a rift within the Royal family, but he claims he’s simply “stuck with the Firm”. A Royal Photographer has exposed the lame excuses he used to avoid the ceremony.

A former photographer of the Royal Family, Arthur Edwards, claimed that Prince Harry snubbed the memorial service for his grandfather. He told the Scottish Sun that Prince Philip was always present for his son, which he said was a “lame excuse” for not being there. However, Edwards also made a point to say that the Queen was never alone and that she would never be alone with their children.

The Daily Star’s Arthur Edwards has been photographing the Royal Family since 1977. In a recent column, he wrote about Prince Harry missing the memorial service because he was “too busy with work.” He called the prince’s excuse for missing the service “lame” because he was “stuck with work” and had to make up for it. In the past, Edwards has argued that Prince Philip was never far away when the royal couple was in trouble.

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In addition to missing the funeral service, he has been accused of being too busy with his own affairs. Although he didn’t give an explanation for his absence, he instructed a spokesperson to say he wouldn’t attend. His absence would have diverted attention from the Queen, who walked Meghan and their children to their seats. This would not have been in the royal family’s best interest.

Despite the fact that he has no children, he has maintained close contact with his father. The two men are also constantly in touch with their grandmother. Moreover, the royal couple has a long-standing relationship, and it’s easy to see how the two have developed a special bond. The former royal has remained close to his father and is the most affectionate of all.

According to the Daily Star, Arthur Edwards, a British photographer who has been working with the Royal Family since 1977, Prince Harry missed the memorial service because his father died of natural causes. He has repeatedly denied the reports and said that the two were “pampered hypocrites” and “burnt all their boats with lame excuses.” It is not clear who was at fault, but the fact remains that the two royals were not the best parents for their children.

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