Prince Charles Secretly Asked by Police About Diana Murder Notice

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne, was allegedly questioned by a senior associate of the U.K. authorities in 2005 concerning the departure of the ex-wife, Princess Diana.

Lord Stevens, the former commissioner of London’s Metropolitan Police, has advised the Daily Mail he talked to the prince to a notice that Diana had written in 1995 saying she’d die as a consequence of”brake failure”

Diana died in a car crash in Paris in 1997 together with her lover, Dodi Al-Fay

Ed, in a catastrophe that would become a focal point of several conspiracy theories, with some accusing the British royal household of planning her departure. But, there’s absolutely no evidence for this claim.

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Stevens questioned Charles in St. James Palace, a royal house, on December 6, 2005, as a part of a three-dimensional investigation of the princess’ death, known as Operation Paget.

A police officer, Dave Douglas, and Charles’ private secretary Sir Michael Peat was also thought to be current.

Diana had written notice in 1995 and abandoned it at a cabinet at Kensington Palace to be discovered by her afterward butler, Paul Burrell. Charles and Diana divorced in 1996.

From the notice, Diana maintained that Charles would organize an automobile crash in the order he would marry his son or his former aide, Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

“This specific phase in my life has become the most harmful — my spouse is planning an accident in my car. Brake failure and serious head injury to make the path clear for him to marry Tiggy,” Diana wrote.

“Camilla is only a decoy so we’re being employed by the guy in every sense of the term,” she wrote.

The Prince of Wales needed a long-running affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles and goes on to wed her in 2005.

Although the presence of this note was public knowledge as a paper report from 2003, Stevens has confirmed for the first time that Charles was interviewed regarding it. On the other hand, the authority’s interview happened two decades before the investigation.

“Yes, allegations were made concerning the Prince of Wales and other royals however we needed to find or analyze the [present ] proof earlier we approached him formal questions,” Stevens told the Mail.” We found no additional evidence to support that the situation suggested in Diana’s note”

“We were left with the notice, which in itself wasn’t sufficient to make Charles a proper defendant. If he opted to help Paget, he’d do so voluntarily as a possible witness. We wouldn’t be interviewing him caution,” Stevens explained.

Charles decided to predominate, however, his father, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, decided to not talk to the authorities. Dodi Al-Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al-Fayed, had accused Philip of participation in his son’s departure, though no signs for this asserts were found. The duke died earlier this year at age 99.

The meeting with Charles has been conducted in secrecy and Stevens revealed to him Diana’s notice and asked him why she may have written. Charles said he had not understood about the notice before it looked in the press and had never discussed it.

“No, I didn’t know it existed,” he explained, stated the report.

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Charles’ witness statement was according to the Mail because it did not contain the standard caveat he could be prosecuted for knowingly providing false information. On the contrary, it was a statement of fact.

“At the close of the day that he had been unbelievably co-operative because he had nothing to conceal,” Stevens explained.

Underneath U.K. legislation, the written copy of Charles’ interview won’t be published to the public before 2038, at which time he’ll be 90-years-old.