Prince Charles might not be known by his current title as he ascends to the throne.

In accordance with tradition, according to tradition, the prince of Wales can use his right to change the name of his father to show respect to his family members.

Based on the royal experts Christine Liwag Diwon, Prince Charles born under the name of Charles Philip Arthur George, might choose to use one among the other names for his birth name.

The editor and writer for List said: List wrote: “While the expectation would be that Charles will become Charles III, King Charles III, in accordance with the custom, he is able to change his name after the King is born.

“There’s an historical precedent that shows Monarchs have chosen to change their name when they became Queen or King for example, the King Edward VII, whose birth name was Albert.

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“It’s vital to remember there’s only room for one sovereign at a time, not two. Charles was born as Charles Philip Arthur George, and he can use any of those names when he takes the throne.”

However, the expert suggested that Prince Charles could stay clear of this practice since it has been reported to have created problems within the family of royals.

She added: “While it seems unlikely that Charles would decide to choose a different name, stranger things have happened in the royal world.”

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