A survey has revealed that PlayStation owners are more loyal to their games than Xbox gamers. While this sample size is not the most representative, it does show a trend in favour of PlayStation owners. PlayStation fans are also the most committed to their game console. You can read the full results of the survey here. So what do PlayStation owners think about the new Game Pass? Should they switch over to PlayStation? What about Xbox 360 owners?

PlayStation Plus

Despite Sony’s efforts to make PlayStation Plus more attractive to Xbox players, the service’s downsides have remained the same. For one, it’s not possible to subscribe to first-party games on launch day, and Sony has consistently refused to offer a day-one access option to its PlayStation exclusives. Moreover, if you’re looking for a way to save some money, consider the PlayStation Plus Game Pass. While Xbox Game Pass provides all first-party games from launch day, PlayStation Plus does not. Nonetheless, PlayStation Plus does offer some new perks. For $10 a month, you get access to hundreds of games from every PlayStation generation, including acclaimed indies.

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Xbox Game Pass

According to recent research, Xbox Game Pass owners are more loyal to their games than PlayStation gamers. While PlayStation subscribers have no say in which games they play, Microsoft’s game subscription service reinforces brand loyalty. PlayStation owners would pay $500 a year for two subscriptions, while Xbox Game Pass owners get unlimited access to 324 classic titles for a one-time fee. So, which console should PlayStation owners choose?

PlayStation Plus’ new “classics” library

There are a few reasons to join PlayStation Plus. First of all, it’s extremely valuable. You get access to hundreds of games, including PS1 games, from the first generation to the most recent PS4 releases. Plus, you can stream PS3 games too. Besides that, you can access demos of new games, too. You don’t have to own a PlayStation to take advantage of PlayStation Plus’ new classics library.

Xbox 360 owners

According to a recent survey by BluePromoCode, Xbox 360 owners are more loyal to the brand than PlayStation owners. The study, involving 155 PlayStation and Xbox 360 owners, was aimed at finding out why some gamers are more loyal to one brand over the other. Among the findings were the differences between PS4 and Xbox One purchase trends. Here’s the full scoop. If you’re looking for more proof that PlayStation owners are loyal to their brands, look no further than the data.

Nintendo owners

One recent survey found that Nintendo owners were more loyal than PlayStation owners. But why is this so? The company conducted a survey of over 1000 gamers to find out the reasons behind their loyalty. The results were interesting, and it made us wonder why PlayStation fans are so passionate about the brand. In fact, they were the most loyal to the brand, by a large margin. But is this enough to keep PlayStation fans loyal to the brand?