Pink is contribution to pay the Norwegian women's beach handball team's fine for tiring shorts

Singer-songwriter Pink has obtainable to pay penalties gave out to the Norwegian women’s beach handball team after they declined to wear bikini ends while competing.

Last week, the European Handball Federation (EHF) fined the team a total of €1,500 (around $1,765), asserting that the women competed in “improper clothing” by wearing shorts like their male counterparts during the 2021 European Beach Handball Championships.

Pink is contribution to pay the Norwegian women's beach handball team's fine for tiring shorts

On Sunday, Pink took to Twitter to lend her support to the team, saying the EHF would remain fined “for sexism.”

The Grammy Award-winner told her 31.6 million followers: “I’m very pleased of the Norwegian female beach handball team for protesting sexist rules about their ‘uniform’.”

She continued: “The European handball alliance SHOULD BE FINED FOR SEXISM. Good on yam, ladies. I’ll be happy to pay your fines for you. Keep it up.”

Daily Reuters has reached out to Pink’s legislatures and the European Handball Federation for further comment.

The Norwegian women’s beach handball team presented their thankfulness to the 41-year-old singer-songwriter, reposting her tweet on their Instagram story.

“Wow! Thank you so much for the support,” they wrote. Other poles on their official page show them posing together in their shorts.

Rendering to International Handball Federation regulations, female players are required to wear bikini bottoms with a side width of an all-out of 10 centimeters (3.9 inches), with a “close fit” and “cut on an upward angle toward the top of the leg.”


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Their male counterparts must wear shorts that are “not too baggy” and 10 centimeters above the knee.

Eskil Berg Andreasen, the team’s coach, told Daily Reuters last week that the team was fighting for the liberty “to choose” its own kit, adding that IHF’s uniform rules could discourage women from playing the sport.