However, Pro Football Focus labeled one for them . First, here’s PFF’s breakdown on why: PFF calls Teven Jenkins the Bills”dream scenario’ at 2021 NFL draft The football analytics outlet does have a point with the running back vs. lineman aspect. Quite often, they did not have much room to work with and potentially a prospect, for example Teven Jenkins, would help there. Regardless of that, the Bills sported a elite passing game last season led by quarterback Josh Allen.


In regards to the NFL draft, finding a quarterback is always close to the top of every team’s”to-do list” Jenkins is a road-grading right tackle who made a 93.6 run-blocking grade last year. That’ll assist their run game a heck of a lot more than any back they draft here. Jenkins can kick inside to guard to attempt to neutralize Chris Jones in the playoffs and take on the use of tackle-in-waiting. Now holding the No. 30 overall pick in Round 1, the Bills’ perfect world at the draft was tagged as drafting offensive lineman Teven Jenkins from Oklahoma State.

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Right behind this is typically locating a pass rusher that can ruin the day of an opposing quarterback. That is something the Bills shortage on the roster currently, so one can argue bringing that in via draft pick is truly Buffalo’s”dream scenario.” Happily for the Billsthey don’t have a”dream scenario” that’s make-or-break for them in the 2021 NFL draft.