Peugeot will Cover 10 million euros for alleged fraud in diesel emissions

The Peugeot, a subsidiary of Stellantis, will cover 10 million euros for reacting to a criminal investigation in the French court investigating alleged fraud in automaker gas emissions from their vehicles between 2009 and 2015. The business denies the allegations but says it’s going to collaborate with the European country’s judiciary to”solve the matter quickly”.

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According to a statement issued by Stellantis, of the total to be paid into the French courts, as part of their local procedural rite, eight million will be allocated to the settlement of potential compensation and two million will be aimed at ensuring that the company’s representation in court. In addition, Peugeot will have to set up a bank reserve of 30 million euros for possible compensation for losses.

Representatives of Citroën and FCA, two other Stellantis subsidiaries, were summoned to appear at the Paris Judicial Court on June 10 and July 10, respectively, as part of the same investigation.

“This formal phase of the judicial investigation will allow the investigated parties to have complete access to the procedure and will give them the opportunity to defend themselves from allegations that haven’t yet been evaluated in processes together with the right to adversary proceedings,” says Stellantis, at the note. “Businesses firmly feel that their emission control methods have met all applicable requirements in the relevant times and continue to do so and are waiting for the opportunity to show this,” he adds.

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