After the scandal broke, a fan wondered if Pete Davidson keeps a candle of Kim Kardashian on his nightstand. Then he read this article and realized that the singer and actress is keeping the Kim candle in his bedroom. “Is he really into her?” she asked. ‘No’, he replied. Then, the pair sat on a bed and a candle with Kim’s face on it was on his nightstand.

During a recent interview, Davidson revealed that he keeps a candle of Kim Kardashian on his nightstand. According to a report in People, he said, “My girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, keeps one over her shoulder.” During the same interview, he also admitted to keeping the candle. However, the pair have not publicly discussed their relationship status. They have been linked since last October, but have not spoken out publicly about their relationship.

In another interview, he confirmed that he keeps a prayer candle of Kim Kardashian on his nightstand. This is a sign that the two are deeply in love. After all, he allegedly calls her “girlfriend” on his dresser. In addition, he says that the candle has a “special place in his room,” so he can keep it there whenever he wants.

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It’s not too difficult to figure out whether the two are really dating or not. The pair first became romantically linked last October but have not spoken about their relationship publicly. They have never met in person, but have been known to discuss their relationship on social media. In the video, they discussed their plans for Valentine’s Day. The flame was a reminder of their special relationship. When asked about Kim Kardashian’s role in his life, he said:

The video interview was recorded in October, when Davidson confirmed that he keeps a candle with Kim Kardashian’s face on his nightstand. He later explained that he had a prayer candle of his new love interest. The “Kim Kardashian” prayer candle is not the only thing that Davidson has on his dresser, but it’s an important one for him. He uses it as a calming symbol for his room.

The Kim Kardashian candle on Pete Davidson’s nightstand was a remembrance of her. The candle has been a symbol of her friendship with the teen reality star. As for her, she has a candle of her own. She is the one to whom she dedicates all her love. The two have been dating since October, and it has been an exciting time for both of them.

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