While the situation has remained under wraps, Davidson reportedly has had enough. He’s stayed silent, despite the attacks, as his best friend Dave Sirus posted the text messages he sent to Ye with the caption, “A message from Pete.” It’s not surprising considering he frequently shares the words from his comic on his social media accounts. After all, he’s just as upset as Kanye.

While Davidson and West have long had an ugly history, he and West haven’t slowed down. The rapper, who has dated Kim Kardashian, has repeatedly attacked the comic. He’s also portrayed Davidson in a gruesome way in his music video “Eazy.” Davidson has reportedly had enough, and he’s gotten rid of the singer. In a recent text exchange, he criticized West for’messaging’ a fellow’serious’ celebrity. Screenshots of the two exchanging texts have circulated on the internet, but he has since deleted them.

Davidson has also blocked West’s social media account. However, the comedian responded by posting a screenshot of a conversation he had with the rapper. He even replied to West’s tweets with a screenshot of an article that portrayed the rapper’s comments on the SNL star. In addition to the screenshots, Davidson’s Instagram account is now private.

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As Kanye West continues to attack Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, a text exchange between Davidson and the singer has surfaced online. While a few screenshots of the texts have yet to be published, the pair have reportedly sounded out a mutual text message. And it seems he was right to speak out after all. It’s hard to imagine a more powerful pair of critics than Kanye and Davidson.

Davidson reportedly took to Instagram to make a point. He was upset that the rapper was attacking his girlfriend on a public forum. Rather than being silent, he responded by saying that he would do anything necessary to keep the relationship going. He also replied to West’s rants with screenshots of their texts. Apparently, Davidson isn’t going to allow the rapper to continue attacking his girlfriend and a third party.

The two have not remained silent, but the rumours that West would strike a blow to Kim Kardashian’s children were largely true. As a result, the rapper’s rants were a clear sign of his disapproval of Davidson’s parenting abilities. The pair exchanged text messages after the tense Twitter battle, and the rapper has since been quiet on the social media.

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