Paris Hilton Shows Solidarity with Britney Spears by Wearing a 'Toxic" Outfit

Paris Hilton wore a “Toxic” outfit to show solidarity with Britney Spears during Thursday’s DJ set in Las Vegas.

The reality star and socialite, she is currently in Nevada to open a new casino on the Strip. She performed a DJ set.

The 40-year old was photographed alongside her parents Rick and Kathy Hilton, as well as her sister Nicky.

Hilton was photographed and videotaped by guests at the event. She appears to be wearing the blue dress that Spears wore in the 2003 hit song “Toxic”

Hilton seems to be showing solidarity with the pop star, who has been giving testimony on Wednesday about her life in strict conservatorship. Another Twitter clip shows Paris telling the crowd “We love Britney,” Britney is free

Spears received huge support from celebrities and fans alike when she asked for a judge’s retraction. She stated that she wanted her life back, and had been traumatized and unhappy for some time.

In her testimony this week, the “Lucky” singer mentioned Hilton.

Hilton stated in a documentary that she was physically and verbally abused at Provo Canyon School, Utah when she was 17.

Spears mentioned the claims in her testimony. She told judge Brenda Penny that she didn’t want it to be said openly because she doesn’t believe anyone would believe her. To be completely honest, I did not believe the Paris Hilton story about what happened to her at that school. Sorry. I am an outsider and I will be honest. It was unbelievable to me.

“And maybe I’m mistaken, and that’s the reason why I didn’t say any of it to anyone to the public because I was afraid people would make fun of me or laugh and say, “She’s lying, She’s got all, Britney Spears.”

Hilton spoke out ahead of Spears’ court appearance in Hollywood, saying: “I’m so proud. She is so special to me, and I send her my love and support. I hope she is happy, healthy, and successful.

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