Popular socialite Paris Hilton finally speaks out about her feelings, in the past and has even thought on her decision to share her story of abuse.

For those who aren’t, nearly one year ago , the reality television actor and entrepreneur testified in opposition to her school of boarding in Utah and wrote a detailed account of the horrible humiliation she suffered while at the school.

She is currently deciding to look into what she calls “dark secrets and controversial practices” which were revealed in her latest podcast “Trapped in Treatment.

In discussing her initial decision, Hilton spoke to , “It was just so painful and traumatic that I didn’t want to think about it, but it was always there.”

“I’m just so grateful to have done my [2020] documentary ‘This Is Paris,’ and to have spoken about that because it just made such an impact and such a difference.”

The documentary which provided insights into the horror that started it all inspired other child stars such as the daughter of Michael Jackson Paris Jackson and tattoo artist Kat Von D to address their own personal experiences.

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In the course of her interview with the publication, Hilton also acknowledged, “So many survivors have reached out to me of just how healing it was for them.”

“And now to have already changed laws in seven states to make everything that happened to me all illegal and now pushing it to a federal level so in all 50 states it will be that way… I feel like in my life, I’ve done a lot of things that I’m proud of, but this is by far the thing I’m most proud of it.”

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“I’m going to continue using my voice,” Hilton stated before concluding “And that’s why I’m so excited for my new podcast ‘Trapped in Treatment,’ because it’s really going to add a light on this and give survivors a platform to tell their stories. The more people know about this, the more chance we have at getting this to stop.”