“I did not feel well for a little while but did not have insurance, which that I did not visit the physician,” he advised me. “I obtained coverage via Obamacare and eventually went. Turns out, I’d non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, however they caught it in time. I really feel like this law preserved my life”

Having grappled myself having an unnavigable healthcare insurance program because the young father of a young child with a chronic illness, I have been overcome considering this young guy and many others who’ve escaped my nightmare as a consequence of the ACA.

In the end, destroying the legislation became an obsession with former President Donald Trump and the appropriate — mostly, I guess, since”Obamacare,” since the ACA became famous, was regarded as a signature achievement of his predecessor as well as my old boss, former President Barack Obama.

From the start, opponents of this ACA peddled false narratives about”departure panels” and socialized medicine to attempt to prevent it. Trump branded it a”complete disaster,” forcing Congress to dismantle it without supplying any plausible replacement.

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Nevertheless the legislation not only has endured consecutive court challenges and a constant disinformation effort, but a whole legislative attack from Trump and the Republicans in Congress and several administrative decisions directed at weakening it.